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Our mission is to honor life by providing the highest quality medical, emotional, social, and spiritual care in partnership with our culturally diverse communities.

Volunteer Assistance

Our trained volunteers are here to share companionship with you and your loved ones, offer assistance and support.

Inpatient Care

The health of our patients is closely monitored by our trained staff and hands on care is provided at every step.

Pain and symptom management

The purpose is to provide caring, not curing, and retain dignity while managing pain and symptoms.

Value for Life

Expert Hospice Care

Competent Staff
Quality Medical Care
Respite Care
Amazing Ambience
Dietary Counseling
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Genuine Care wins!

Hospice care is appropriate for anyone who is diagnosed with terminal illness whose life expectancy is measured in months rather than years, and whose primary goal has shifted to comfort-oriented care and management of pain.


Our services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid/Medi-Cal, and most private insurance companies, sponsored care and HMOs once a physician has certified that the patient has a terminal illness with a life expectancy of six months or less.

Reassuring Staff

Infinite Care Hospice provides an interdisciplinary, specially trained team of professionals and volunteers, who work in close cooperation with the patient, their family, and their personal physician, or hospice medical director.

Professional Referrals

We are ready to partner with you because just like us, we know your top priority is your patient’s health.

What inspires us?

Smiles are true testimonials!

You are at the core of our work! All we do is to provide you and your loved ones with the best care there is, all while ensuring our compassionate staff treats you with utmost dignified respect.

Relaxing Ambience

All of our efforts go into making sure you are feeling comfortable and at peace.

Caring Staff

Our specially trained staff enables you to live each day to the fullest as comfortable and dignified.

Quality Care

Our ultimate goal of hospice serves to provide a comfortable, pain free environment tailored to your wishes.

Relaxing Techniques

We provide quality palliative care that helps with managing your pain and symptoms.

Aging gracefully

Caring is a way of life...

Infinite Care Hospice is an in-home service with a specialized care dedicated to you and your loved one’s total well-being and maximizing the fullness and comfort of life during an advanced illness.

By bringing the maximum quality of holistic care, Infinite Care Hospice allows your loved one to be surrounded by supportive friends, loving family, and enjoy the comforts and security of home.

  • Medical Director
  • Certified Hospice Nurses
  • Certified Hospice Aids
  • Social Workers
  • Chaplains
  • Bereavement Coordinator

We are all here for YOU!